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Gracefilled. Lenten Prayer Guide (HARD-COPY)

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By the grace of God, we have created our first reflection-prayer book titled: “Gracefilled.” This book was written and compiled by Kiara Javier founder and handcrafter of Shopcaritas.

Kiara is a 27-year-old devoted Catholic living in Bronx, NY. From the time Shopcaritas first started, Kiara had hopes of creating a collection that would be solely inspired by her Catholic faith. Mainly, to help fellow Catholics who are looking for new avenues to enrich their faith or help others come to know the faith more thoroughly.

After praying about this for almost five years she finally heard what would inspire this new collection; through His voice in her heart: “You are Gracefilled, you can do anything because in you my Grace abounds.” It has been a long journey and getting to this point was no easy feat. She is thankful to God for giving her the strength to come this far in her faith journey. In light of all of this, Kiara hopes that the products in this new collection be helpful tools to enrich your faith as they are to her.
Gracefilled is a personal spiritual guide to Lent. A simple guide to help you to live Lent devoutly. By using the graces God gives us to strengthen our hearts and minds in order to fulfill God’s will for our lives.
This prayer guide is compiled of inspirational verses from the Bible and quotes from the amazing Saints who intercede for us in Heaven. Furthermore, you will also find common devotional prayers that can be used for your personal prayer time. Lastly, this book also provides you with weekly personal reflections to help with your daily prayers. As well as enough journal pages located in the back of the book for your personal reflections.

We pray that this guide brings you closer to our Lord in trust and faith. It is time to live as we are... Gracefilled.

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